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Several state regulations require Fantasy Football operators to classify highly-experienced or expert players so that they can be identified by beginners who may not wish to enter contests containing experts.

Starting with the 2017 fantasy season, Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues will categorize contestants who have reached "expert" status according to various state laws, so that beginners can be warned when entering contests with experts. You can note the expert symbol on your standings page for leagues you are currently competing in. Experts are denoted by a star symbol next to their name.

The expert designation is displayed as a star next to the owner's name on your league standings page throughout the contest.

The requirements for "expert" designation differ from state to state, so to learn how experts are designated in your state, locate your state rules below:

New York

In New York, experts are called "highly experienced players" and mean any authorized player who has:

  • Entered more than 1,000 contests at Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues, or
  • Won more than three prizes valued at $1,000 each from Masters Fantasy Football Money Leagues

All other states and locations
No expert designation

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