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Orphan Teams For Sale

Below is a list of the available orphan teams for sale. All Masters Standard Dynasty Leagues are paid 1 year in advance. The Previous owner has already Paid for 2017, you are paying for 2018 and will receive 2017 free.

Top Players
Roster (Link)
Buy Team
33070 3 M Mariota, L Bell, E Sanders, Z Ertz, Pick 2.5 View Roster
20745 2 T Brady, J Hill, D Adams, J Reed, Pick 2.5 View Roster
20745 9 C Wentz, D Freeman, E Sanders, T Kelce, Pick 3.1 View Roster
29517 4 D Prescott, T Gurley, A Jeffery, H Hunter, Pick 1.7 View Roster
37268 5 C Palmer, J Ayaji, D Baldwin, T Eifert, Pick 1.9 View Roster
18535 1 K Cousins, Ty Montgomery, D Moncrief, J Graham, Pick 1.9 View Roster
32645 3 D Brees, S Ware, M Thomas, J Graham, Pick 2.7 View Roster
12626 4 R Wilson, D Murray, K Benjamin, C Fleener, Pick 1.8 View Roster
14421 5 C Palmer, M Ingram, B Cooks, K Rudolph, Pick 2.2 View Roster
11973 6 A Rodgers, M Ingram, AJ Green, C Fleener, Pick 2.8 View Roster
29629 4 D Carr, M Ingram, S Watkins, J Reed, Pick 1.9 View Roster
18445 8 Big Ben, L McCoy, S Watkins, Z Miller, Pick 2.5 View Roster
13956 9 M Mariotta, CJ Anderson, D Adams, D Walker, Pick 2.3 View Roster
72909 8 M Mariotta, E Lacy, G Tate, E Ebron, No Picks View Roster
10240 6 M Mariotta, M Forte, D Thomas, J Witten, Pick 3.6 View Roster
75596 10 R Wilson, D Martin, OBJ, H Hunter, Pick 2.5 View Roster
46785 9 R Wilson, L MIller, AJ Green, D Pitta, Pick 2.6 View Roster
14316 12 K Cousins, L Murray, E Sanders, J Graham, No Picks View Roster
15894 10 R Wilson, E Lacy, A Jeffery, K Rudolph, Pick 1.5 View Roster
20505 7 R Tannehill, M Gordon, A Cooper, Gronk, Pick 1.11 View Roster
35738 8 R Wilson, J Hill, J Landry, J Reed, No picks View Roster
25240 11 A Rodgers, J Howard, S Watkins, Z Ertz, Pick 3.6 View Roster
31108 5 M Stafford, CJ Anderson, J Landry, J THomas, Pick 2.5 View Roster
14396 12 C Wentz, CJ Anderson, TY Hilton, D Allen, Pick 1.10 View Roster
62758 7 T Taylor, E Lacy, D Hopkins, Gronk, Pick 2.4 View Roster
11558 1 D Brees, M Ingram, D Thomas, C Fleener, Pick 1.7 View Roster
17299 1 A Rodgers, S Ware, D Bryant, C Charles, Pick 2.1 View Roster
17299 6 M Ryan, T Coleman, R Cobb, CJ Fiedorowicz, Pick 1.10 View Roster
43472 10 A Rodgers, TY Montgomery, M Crabtree, J Witten, No Picks View Roster

* An additional $9.95 commissioner fee applies to all orphan team purchases. ($9.95 total)


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